GETITOUT! Have focus on..  connecting the dots – design your ideas to pitch & webDes!gn. What is your focus?

Master design plan for all your presentations

The master design plan for your comunicationplatforms is as your CVI. We understand it is not just Des!gn but also the user experience
– Let’s design it!

Design template to all documents

The Des!gn template is a tool to make your identity easy to copy and control on all you presentation layouts in Microsoft office 365

Good energy
– let’s have fun! 

Love working with good energy and happy people – so are you also focused on the good vibe? 

Care about your project – with focus and flow planing

Need help with keeping the flow from idea to get it out? Know FlowDes!gn ?Who cares about your project and secure the plan and flow? – if you don’t have someone, call ! -let’s plan IT OUT!

Connecting the dots ….

We believe in keeping a focus on simplicity – Make the creative mind work with ease and focus. 
OfficeTailor is born to make Office Des!gn for you to have brand powerpoint and word templates – that matches your identity and connect to your audience aligned with your website
show your message.

Let’s make design and functionality work together!

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GETITOUT is here to elevate your brand with our expertly crafted digital marketing tools. As Microsoft Office and WordPress design experts, we specialize in creating impactful pitch materials, professional PowerPoint templates, and streamlined communication platforms for small and medium-sized businesses. Enhance your branding effortlessly with our minimalistic yet powerful graphic solutions. Let us automate the distribution of your essential branding materials with our template software expertise. And for your benefit, of course we use AI tools – it is not at matter of if AI is used but the expertise of when and how”   CEO, Tanja Schlegel. 2023.